Project Value




Site Area

The Veolia Waste Resources Transfer station is located in regional South Australia, in the township of Whyalla.

This project is designed to improve material segregation and landfill diversion by recovering materials more efficiently, for the Whyalla community, and surrounding regions.

Procured as a Design and Construct model, Pascale Construction have managed the design process to ensure that the ultimate design is a product that meets all the operational requirements of Veolia. This design also ensures the building will be of the highest standard to withstand the continuous heavy use, and minimise wear and tear, and reinforce the longevity of the building.

Measures adopted include:

  •  high strength, low shrinkage and minimal joints to the concrete floor slab
  • extensive concrete push walls, designed to withstand significant lateral forces
  • hot dip galvanised structural steel to protect against the corrosive nature of the leachate from the waste material
  • significant safety in design considerations to ensure a safe working environment.

Coupled with the building were the significant site works that required to the virgin site where considerable environmental factors needed to be considered and implemented.

The design of site works incorporated 2 weighbridges, extensive hardstand and roadway areas to cater for numerous Road Train movements per day, significant stormwater management including a detention and sediment pond as well as the liaison with council and other statutory bodies to ensure all compliance and approvals were met and obtained.

Whilst specialist trades were sourced from Adelaide, Pascale Construction embraced the opportunity to engage local companies to participate in the supply chain to help deliver this project, which in turn, contributed to the local economy.