St Peters Woodlands Grammar School Inc

Education, South Australia

“The collaborative manner of working delivered on expectations…..the team focused on time and quality objectives, thought ahead and proactively suggested solutions” Peter Moeck, Director Brown Falconer Group Pty Ltd


Pascale Construction has been the school’s preferred builder since 2005, in a relationship that has seen the successful completion of over 25 individual projects, both of major proportions as well as general building works.

Some of the major projects include The Pines Early Learning Centre, The Gillam Building GLA’s Refurbishment, The Millington Building GLA’s Refurbishment, The Thorpe Building upgrade, The Law Smith Administration Building Upgrade and the significant works carried out for the new RJ Taylor Library and Music Centre.

The stringent requirements set by the client regarding program and conduct on site has been meticulously adhered to for every project. Program has been critical in instances where the building works were conducted during the school’s Christmas Holiday shutdown period, and works needed to be complete prior to the students returning for the new year. Similarly site coordination and conduct of building works has been critical where the projects were running within the operating school environment.