St Joseph’s School Resource Centre

Education, South Australia

“The sincere relationship between yourselves and the school has allowed for a beneficial and successful building to be developed for our community. We are continually impressed with the work quality and professionalism from the Pascale team” Paul Murphy, School Principal


Logistically this project was one which required careful planning and execution as the building work virtually dissected the operating school campus in two. The works involved the demolition of an existing minor structure and replacement with a new resource building, situated on the school boundary and attached to an existing 2 storey classroom block. The only available access was through the main circulation and hard stand play area for the students. Coordination of deliveries to the site was carefully monitored to ensure a minimum of disruption occurred, as well as maintaining a high level of safety consideration for all involved.

The building is a light filled space, with a curved front elevation glazed full height and complete with a decorative perforated composite aluminium panel to dapple the sunlight into the main reading area. The work was completed with program, and included the incorporation of additional works to adjacent classrooms. 

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