Project Value




Site Area

Procured as a true design & construction project, it involved establishing a brief that met the end users requirements, as well as future proofing the design to allow for flexibility in use. The design development was a key part of the success of this project, ensuring that all interested parties and government agencies were accommodated and their needs met to ensure a timely approval process. This also permitted extensive constructability input as well as ensuring the detailed design represented a best economic value outcome  for the client, achieving a lean design without compromising quality, function, or longevity.  

The project consists of a 4,000m2 two-storey precast bulky goods store and retail outlet, with under croft car park, retail tenancy downstairs and Spotlight at the first level. As the build went from boundary to boundary, close consultation and liaison with the neighbouring properties was paramount, as well as introducing measures to allow the residential neighbours at the rear to have their say, and be included in the process. This proved highly effective and reduced to a minimum the management of complaints and involvement of council.

The project was delivered on time and within budget and officially opened to an enthusiastic public at a grand Opening by the local Mayor.