Project Value




Site Area

The project consisted of building 12 fully independent and self-contained units using ESD initiatives. Pascale Construction collaborated with the client and design team to meet the program, budget and intent of the client in a cost effective and timely manner.

One of the challenges was to develop an integrated design to address environmental conditions on the site.

A specialist subcontractor, with significant experience in vapour mitigation techniques, was subcontracted to meet the stringent requirements of the local government and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

The environmental risks were identified and workshopped with the design team, environmental consultant and the specialist subcontractor to deliver a vapour barrier system that allowed the client to use the site for its intended purpose and to mitigate the environmental risks that were relevant to the site.

A gas vapour membrane and venting technology was installed to provide a seamless, impermeable barrier against vapour intrusion into structures. This technology is a fully-adhered gas vapour barrier system.

Tendering was completed progressively and value management principals were applied as required to gain the best value outcome for the client. Pascale Construction team managed to complete the project on time and saved the client $60,000.00 by applying a collaborative approach with the design team to meet intent and provide value.