James Brown Memorial Trust Affordable Housing

Health, South Australia

"The determination and drive to meet crucial and immovable dates for Practical Completion and budget is commendable and the promised level of cooperation throughout the Defects Liability Period was met. This relationship-focused culture was evident in all staff and for that you should be justifiably proud.” Douglas Alexander, Director. Flightpath Architects.


On the strengths developed between the Project Team and with the benefit of prior experience Pascale Construction was able to exceed the client’s expectations and deliver a high quality project ahead of time and budget.

The construction philosophy for this project incorporated design improvements initiated by the Project Team gained from experience with similar projects to develop a facility that would harmoniously blend in with the local environment and surroundings.


Many ecological features were incorporated into the energy efficient design which maximised the use of local materials. This award winning project only used Forrest Security Commission certified timbers, incorporated Photo-Voltaic cells and a sophisticated stormwater harvesting system