Gateway to Adelaide

Masonry, South Australia

"The key criteria for engaging Pascale Construction was their partnering philosophy, ability to work well with artists and Architects, and a team of stonemasons and quality workers able to work to high standards,” Luigi Rossi, Manager Contracts and Procurement. Transport SA


Pascale Construction were awarded the iconic world class landmark project by Transport SA after being shortlisted to tender from numerous Registrations of Interest received.

The works were to be carried out on three sides of Adelaide’s busiest intersection of Portrush Rd, Glen Osmond Rd, Cross Rd and National Highway1.

The project was a collaborative endeavour of; Architects Mark Butcher and Robert Williams; Artists Julie Blyfield, Craig Andrae,  Marijana Tadic and Neil Cranny, working as multi-disciplinary teams in consultation with Transport SA and Arts for Public Places (Arts SA).


The complex, detailed, multi radius nature of the works required Pascale Construction to have a “Master Mason” on site at all times during construction.  Due to the proximity of traffic to the works, careful consideration and implementation of traffic management, staff and vehicle movements and OSH&W policies and strategies were required to maintain and achieve an accident free outcome.

The works also included the relocation of significant heritage listed stone and brick walls to Churches and Monasteries. These were required to be carefully drawn on plans, for future reference, dismantled piece by piece, stored off site until ready to be reconstructed in their new location approximately 2 metres away from their original position.