Project Value




Site Area

Pascale Construction was awarded the project as a lump sum and the works included the supply and installation of twenty one new premium cabins for the Adelaide Shores Caravan Park complex.

All new cabins were connected to new infrastructure including gas, water, communications and power provided under the scope together with new landscaping.  We conducted multiple site meetings and inspections at the fabrication yard to manage client expectations and compliance to ensure the project was delivered to a quality finish.

This project was unique as the majority of prefabrication was conducted in a factory environment. Due to programme pressures, the last few cabins were completed on site with a full team of new contractors working under our management plan.  This project was managed by Pascale to ensure all cabins were ready for occupation on 1st December  deadline in preparation for pre-planned events, including the Ashes series and the holiday period where the whole site is fully booked years in advance.