Project Value




Site Area

Formerly Elizabeth Special School

This Special School project involved 8 new buildings in a site area of 24,000 m2. The project included a specialised learning centre, gymnasium, cooking demonstration facilities, administration offices, as well as a large and uniquely customised playground area, extensive landscaping and a carpark area.

It was essential to have a high standard of compliance and quality considering that this school provides specialised education for almost two hundred (200) physically and intellectually disabled students.

One of the major challenges of this project was the weather conditions. Throughout the construction phase Pascale Construction managed one of the wettest winters and the hottest summers in South Australia, however we still managed to deliver the highest quality service within the Client’s contractual time frame.

This project required the installation of a security lock system for access doors. A fail safe was included in case of an emergencies, where the system includes a program to release or lock the doors and gates, as the situation requires.

Considering the safety of the students while playing in the unique playground area, a combination of rubber soft floor and play matter were installed to minimise students’ falling impacts.

Overall, Pascale Construction delivered exactly what our Client’s wanted, and these superbly customised facilities will be used for many years to come.