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Richard Zanchetta celebrates 20-years of service excellence

13 12 23

Managing Director, Richard Zanchetta, Celebrates two-decades of service excellence with Pascale Construction

This is Richard’s story, as written by Tania DelMonte.

A Childhood Passion

Richard’s journey in the construction industry began early with a childhood steeped in creativity and a deep-seated appreciation for craftsmanship. Inspired by the handiness of his grandfather, a concreter and terrazzo finisher, and his father, a hands-on ‘jack of all trades’, Richard’s earliest memories are of building all sorts of things from ‘scraps of timber and a bag of nails.’

His passion for building and logical problem-solving led him to study for a Bachelor of Building in 1992 and, ultimately, his career in the commercial construction industry.

The Pascale Construction Vision

In 2003, Richard accepted an offer to join Fred Pascale in his endeavour to transform his successful bricklaying company into a significant player in the commercial construction sector. Richard saw Fred’s offer as an exciting opportunity to build his own legacy on a solid foundation. The business developed relatively quickly once Richard’s project management expertise aligned with Fred’s 20-year know-how, initiating a partnership to reshape the commercial construction industry forever.

Early Aspirations and Industry Climate

With a united focus on building quality structures and relationships, the dynamic duo effectively capitalised on the market opportunities available at the time, particularly in education, cementing Pascale Construction’s position as a serious contender in the commercial construction sector.

While the industry was relatively healthy at that time, the aftereffects of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and government stimulus packages would later pose significant challenges for the industry over an extended period.

Navigating Challenges and Growth

Richard recalls the competition as particularly tough during the post-GFC period, requiring exceptional operations and business management diligence. However, Pascale Construction was able to navigate and weather the post-GFC storm by relying on the benefits of its established reputation.

He has seen significant industry changes over the past two-decades, most notably in technology and compliance, that have proven challenging for everyone. While there are obvious benefits and an acknowledged need for both, there has been an undeniable resulting escalation in internal and external expectations, adding insurmountable pressures to construction companies.

Milestones and Fond Memories

Richard’s 20-year journey with Pascale Construction has been marked by many milestones, from relocating to the new Rundle Street premises in 2004, to becoming an equity partner and director in 2006, to winning significant projects and numerous building awards, including the 2023 Master Builders Australia National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards – Commercial/Industrial Construction: $5 million – $10 million. Richard fondly remembers the early days when he and Fred built the company together, forming a unique working dynamic that complemented each other’s strengths.

A Proud Legacy

As Managing Director, Richard is proud of Pascale Construction’s leadership in navigating through the challenges posed by COVID-19. The company maintained its workforce and continued operations, meeting all contractual and moral obligations.

Looking ahead, Richard sees the construction industry at a crossroads, with emerging challenges related to a shortage of skills and the need for proper training and education for the workforce. He advocates changing the current perception of construction careers and increasing gender equality to mitigate some of the challenges.

However, Richard remains optimistic about Pascale Construction’s future. He intends to ‘stay the course’ with his four proven ingredients for success:

  1. Keeping ahead of industry changes.
  2. Remaining focused on building a quality product and client satisfaction.
  3. Maintaining a high level of professional integrity.
  4. Contributing to the development of a well-trained, skilled workforce.

Heartfelt Gratitude

At the end of our interview, I asked Richard what he was most grateful for, and without hesitation, he responded.

“I am deeply grateful for the exceptional team at Pascale Construction, whose unwavering commitment and hard work have been the cornerstone of our success. The individuals who have invested their guidance, support, and trust in me and the relationships forged over the years with clients, partners, and colleagues. Moreover, I am thankful for the construction industry, which has allowed me to realise my dreams. The ability to create, build, and shape the world around us is a privilege that I cherish”.

Richard’s gratitude clearly extends beyond milestones and accomplishments; it encompasses the people, relationships, and unlimited possibilities the construction industry has provided him and his family.

As we reflect on Richard’s story and celebrate his 20 year milestone with Pascale Construction, we look forward to its continued growth and success under his guidance. Richard’s journey is a true testament to the power of passion and commitment and is a source of inspiration for all aspiring construction professionals.